Unlocking the lessons of Lockdown 3.0 with key questions for Hampshire residents

A new survey has been launched to learn more about how people in Hampshire have handled the latest lockdown laws and rules.

Following a successful survey about the first national lockdown in the spring, researchers at the University of Portsmouth are now looking for volunteers to help with the questionnaire. It will target the opinions and attitudes of respondents about their own behavior and that of the wider public during the latest lockdown.

The results will be used in research with Hampshire Constabulary. The Constabulary and the University are working together to help them learn the lessons of policing the pandemic and how the force should respond to future Covid-19 restrictions.

The survey takes about 15 minutes and respondents will remain anonymous. Questions include:

  • Have you felt safe in your local community?
  • Have the police done a good job?
  • Has guidance been clear on a national level?
  • How have you and others complied with the current lockdown compared to previous lockdowns?
  • How important is community spirit in helping vulnerable people?

More than 750 people were questioned during the last survey. Initial findings of the study by the University’s Institute of Criminal Justice Studies (ICJS), show respondents strongly felt they were sticking to lockdown rules, but others were not.

Dr Rob Inkpen, from ICJS and lead researcher, says: “We hope to see if there has been a change in individual’s opinions on compliance, as well as any changes in the perception of policing of the lockdowns. We can learn a lot about what is being done right and what needs improvement by comparing the results of these surveys.”

The survey asks questions about people’s experience of the first lockdown, whether they adhered to the restrictions and how they are now responding to this latest lockdown.

Dr Inkpen adds: “Importantly, we also want to try to link respondent’s views of pandemic policing to their general world views. This will improve our understanding of why people behave in certain ways.”

The research is being undertaken by the University of Portsmouth and is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) as part of UK Research and Innovation’s rapid response to Covid-19.

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