Volunteering with Skillstree

Volunteering can often be seen as helping out on a community project, e.g. volunteering at a homeless shelter or volunteering at a charity shop.

However, many are not aware of the wider volunteering opportunities that are invaluable in supporting their local community.

EBP South, a local charity, has a volunteering programme called the Skillstree Ambassadors. They are volunteers who help prepare young people for working life. In 2019/2020, the Skillstree Ambassadors gave 76,407 hours of volunteering, including mock interviews and delivering interview preparation sessions etc.

The primary aim of the volunteers is to help upskill young people with the soft skills required for workplaces alongside employability skills. Volunteers can give back to their local school/colleges or a school/college in Hampshire.

In the Summer term, EBP South has over 30 virtual events that volunteers can support, with some of them only requiring an hour of volunteering time which volunteers can log on to from their computer.

These events allow volunteers to help develop young people’s skills, as well as developing their own skills in the process, e.g. interview skills.

People can volunteer as a way to simply give back, as part of their volunteer days (many companies give employees a day to volunteer with charities each year), or as a CPD activity.

Sign up to become a Skillstree Ambassador at https://www.ebpsouth.co.uk/news/volunteering-for-professinals