Wimborne Primary School pupils welcome Digital Enablement donation

Wimborne pupils use donated iPads to investigate food chains in school grounds

Wimborne Primary School pupils welcomed a donation of iPads via Shaping Portsmouth’s Digital Enablement programme.

Wimborne pupils have been using the iPads to record themselves reporting on an ‘incident’ as part of their English lessons and used their science knowledge of materials to go on a material hunt around the school. They then used their learning from Maths to record their data into a tally chart before putting their findings onto an online tally and exploring different ways this could be done.

Children have also used the iPads as part of their science lessons to investigate where animals might find their food in the school grounds, which helped them learn about food chains, and the Year 4 pupils have been using the iPads with keyboards to help them practice their times tables.

Digital Enablement Programme Lead Hasmukh “Husky” Patel said “With your donated devices and financial donations we have been able help children, adults and charitable organisations in the City to be digitally enabled. Your support is invaluable & still needed to help bring the digital divide closer. A big thank you and a shout out to continue with your support.”

The Digital Enablement programme was launched in 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and has since donated more than 75 iPads and laptops to those who need them. Find out more about the programme here.