With Thankful Hearts – Portsmouth’s Citywide Harvest

As well as the heatwaves and drought conditions in the country there has been one constant item on the news and in conversations. It is of course the economic situation we face, and particularly the pressures on those on low incomes and on the margins of our society.

Although the utility bills increases and inflation affects us all, it has a particular impact on those on the margins. We all then have a choice to either reduce our costs and look after ourselves or to be aware of others and seek to also support them.

Our local foodbanks, Pantries, Larders and others who provide food are also noticing that their supplies and stocks are decreasing as the demands increase and as the availability of food appears to reduce.

Over the last two years as a city, we have come together and supported a Harvest season campaign in our community groups, schools and faith groups. There was a strong sense of us showing that deep community spirit of which Pompey people are rightly proud.

So this year St Mary’s Church are inviting everyone again to offer food and resources ‘With Thankful Hearts’ to those who share with others through our food banks and other providers.

Revd Canon Bob White said “This year we are asking that this sharing comes with a commitment from each of us to ‘adopt a provider’ for a year and to support them as best we can through the coming winter and challenging times.

“Please collect and donate what you can and if you need support to find your local food provider then please contact me and we will be producing a list to share with you. Let us with thankful hearts reach out and show that love and care for those around us.”

With Thankful Hearts will launch on Monday 4th September and run until Sunday 2nd October, to coincide with the Harvest celebrations at St Mary’s Church.

Fr Bob can be contacted at revrcwhite@gmail.com.