Work experince: Isai Thayaparan

I am Isaiyarasy Thayaparan from Trafalgar School and I am working with Shaping Portsmouth for my work experience for a duration of two weeks.

Work experience is an important period for all students as the whole process of hunting down a work placement and surviving in a work environment can be stressful. Beyond the stress there is an element of learning, developing skills and utilising the new skills, perhaps it’s like training the next generation for the world that follows education. However, not everyone has the opportunity to find the correct placement that truly supports them on this journey.  In that case, I am extremely lucky to have found Shaping Portsmouth for my work experience.

On my first day I found myself quite anxious, especially the idea of having to meet new people, who were adults, wasn’t very welcoming ; I soon discovered I was incredibly wrong. Once I had been introduced and joined the team, I could compare it to joining a new family. During the first week, I had spent more time with Kirsty and Dave, often shadowing them throughout the day and attending a few events. I enjoyed the Walk and Talk session and my first time on a hovercraft. Overall, managing to learn the admirable things that Shaping Portsmouth do and appreciate all the new experiences.

Three days into the second week and I have visited the D-Day museum and worked at The International Port to welcome tourists from a cruise ship. It was a way for me to develop my confidence when speaking to new people as it was based around informing and directing people on their visit. I also was working with people outside of Shaping Portsmouth who also had much knowledge to share.

I am looking forward to the last few days of my work experience, It’s really upsetting to think that this is almost over. However, I will always be part of the team and carry forward all the things I have learnt into my future. Thank you so much Shaping Portsmouth.