Youth Employment

Process Guide

Useful links

Portsmouth City Council: How to apply for a permit for child employment, and useful information

Health and Safety Executive: Young Workers guidance for employers, young workers, parents, and organisers


Advice from Lisa Gibbs, Director, Philip Gibbs Insurance Brokers –

  • Insurance policies require the business to comply with all laws, local byelaws, regulations, etc. So first check that the type of work the young worker will carry out, their hours, breaks, permissions, etc, are compliant.
  • Speak to your insurance broker/company about Employers’ Liability insurance. This is usually compulsory, even if you only employ one worker, they are part time, or they are unpaid/work experience.
  • If you already have Employers’ Liability insurance, still speak to your insurance broker/company to tell them you intend to take on a young worker. They will likely want to know the type of work they will be doing, the level of supervision provided, and that you have carried out a suitable risk assessment, before they confirm cover.