CityFibre: Eldercare technology and aging with dignity

CityFibre are committed to bringing full fibre and lightning fast connection speeds to Portsmouth because full fibre can unlock new technology that can help elderly residents get the most from the technology around them.

Today, there are nearly 12m people aged 65 or over in the UK – a number that is set to increase significantly in the next decade.

By enabling faster, ultra-reliable eldercare technology such as connected monitoring devices, full fibre technology can help people manage conditions and keep living full lives. For example, one key advance that could make a huge difference is care robots. Sleek new models are already being rolled out in Japan and have proved extremely popular, with 80% of Japan’s over 40s saying they’d be open to living with one.

Similarly, here in the UK, the government has created a £34m research programme to assess how care robots could ease caring responsibilities for Brits by taking on key tasks such as storing crucial medical information, identifying cognitive decline, and sending vital medical data to a patient’s physician.

On top of this, full fibre can help ensure that older generations are able to keep in touch with family and friends more easily than ever before. By enabling technology such as VR, less mobile residents who find it harder to travel will still be able to spend time with their relatives thanks to next-generation connectivity provided by full fibre.

Opportunities like these are a key reason we’re investing so heavily in rolling out full fibre Portsmouth, so people can invest in eldercare tech without worrying about disruptive lags or outages due to poor connectivity.

To find out more about the work that CityFibre is doing in Portsmouth to provide full fibre, please go to

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