Finding your way in Portsmouth just got way easier


New signs on pavements will be popping up across Portsmouth showing people the easiest walking route to key destinations.

The green signs will be in the same style as existing signs that show where a pavement is shared use, for walking and cycling. They will be placed on several public Rights of Way and are part of Portsmouth City Council’s work to make walking around the city easier for everyone. They will show the direction and distance to places such as train stations, the hard bus interchange, and the seafront, as well as the time it takes to walk to them.

The council is also working on an updated Rights of Way plan that puts walking and cycling at the heart of every transport decision. The plan is part of the Local Transport Plan that prioritises cleaner air, walking and cycling, public transport use, and supports local business.

Cllr Lynne Stagg, Cabinet Member for Traffic and Transportation said: “These new signs are another way to help residents and visitors walk or wheel with ease around the city. With easy information about distances and the best routes, I hope we will see more people walking for short journeys and leaving the car at home. Every trip that doesn’t use a car counts, and leads to better air quality for everyone. Walking is also good for you, so if you are able to do it, give these routes a go.”

You can view the Transport strategy here –