Shaping Portsmouth to help local businesses lower their carbon footprint

Shaping Portsmouth is going to lead a new and vital programme that seeks to start arresting the carbon footprint created by our Business community and we are delighted to confirm that a number of our Patrons & Partners have agreed to join this management group.

Approximately 40% of the City’s carbon emissions are generated by our Businesses and hence this new and vital programme is being carried out on behalf of Portsmouth City Council and the Climate Action Group.

Our major partners joining the group have agreed to share best practices, and help to run the three major projects that will underpin this programme. These three projects are:

  • The Website Project: Building a new page on the Shaping Portsmouth website to be a one-stop shop for Business climate advice.
  • The Micro Business Project: Using a pre-existing carbon calculator to get up to 100 micro businesses to calculate their carbon footprint, and then help them reduce their footprint with support from experts.
  • The Data Analysis Project: Collecting data on the carbon being emitted from our Businesses and measuring the reduction achieved by the actions being taken.

If you wish to get involved in any of these projects, then please email