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Care Leavers

Led By: Sarra GravestockDirector and Head of Children & Social Services, Biscoes

This programme provides support for young people after leaving care, and to prepare those still in the care system for their next steps. This programme focuses on employment opportunities for our Portsmouth Care Leavers. Working with our business partnerships and local education providers to create new opportunities in training and employment through apprenticeships and more.


  1. The programme is being shaped with the help of former care leavers and aims to build ongoing relationships between the business community and the care leaver.
  2. To utilise our partnerships within the business community and provide trusted new opportunities to train, up skill and work towards all types of employment options across multiple industries.
  3. We are working closely with all the Personal Advisers through the Portsmouth City Council, Edge of Care Team to meet up with any care leaver who is keen to move into permanent long-term employment.


How it works

  1. Once a care leaver has come forward to their PA, we identify the industry of interest and start to contact our trusted partners in these areas.
  2. We arrange for these businesses to commit to an onsite visit with Shaping Portsmouth, the PA and care leaver, to map out a new employment pathway for every individual in the industry of their choice.
  3. An ongoing follow-up process will be in place to support, adapt and improve as well as reach as many of the city’s 300 care leavers as possible.
  4. We further commit to promoting and encouraging as many of our programme partners to sign up to the Care Leavers Covenant, a national inclusion programme that supports care leavers aged 16-25 to live independently.

The Care Leavers Programme is delivered in partnership with: