Launching the Charity Support Network programme

Shaping Portsmouth is pleased to announce the pilot launch of our Charity Support Network, and we’re looking for businesses to sign up.

Chris Hillman, Director for Community Programmes and Charity Support Network programme lead

Businesses can volunteer their time and expertise to build up a resource bank to provide free support to charities in the Portsmouth area.
Charities can then request the support they need, and the Shaping Portsmouth team will match them with an appropriate volunteer business and make the introductions so that arrangements can be confirmed.

Chris Hillman, Charity Support Network programme lead, said “We are delighted to be launching the Charity Support Network today, with the goal of supporting important causes across Portsmouth during these tough times.
The Network is designed to connect charities with professionals and businesses who can provide time and resources to help solve a problem.
Time is more valuable than ever, and we are so grateful to our patrons and partners who have already agreed to volunteer theirs”

The network also accepts one-off donations of surplus stock or items. If you have any usable items that would otherwise be thrown out, such as books, lamps, or cups and saucers, email us at with details. If we’re able to, we will link you up with a charity that can use them and make introductions so you can arrange delivery.

Recently Trafalgar School were looking to donate 150 books that would have otherwise been sent to landfill. The school’s library team understand how important reading is and so they wanted to be able to donate these books to a worthwhile cause.

Through the Charity Support Network we were able to link them up with The Literacy Hub.
The Hub is a not-for-profit education charity and exists to help young people develop the literacy skills they need to thrive. Providing unique, creative and adventurous learning environments, like the Pompey pirates, based in the heart of the Charles Dickens Ward, to inspire young people from the least advantaged communities.

Samuel Smith, Library Assistant at Trafalgar School, said “Thanks again for putting us in touch with the Literacy Hub. We look forward to working with them again in the future!”

We would also like to thank the team of students from Portsmouth Grammar School for building the volunteering form and the support network database.